أهلًا وسهلًا

ברוכים הבאים

We are the Oxford branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
It’s worth checking out our pages on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to collaborate with like-minded people to take action for justice, you are warmly invited to drop by and have a chat. You can find us every Saturday on Cornmarket Street, check in at our next members’ meeting to see what we’re about, or you can contact us in writing.

Today we join a growing progressive movement today and everyday to affirm our right to boycott for human rights – no exceptions. #whyweboycott

I have no problem with the Archbishop of Canterbury expressing "a deep sense of grief, humility & profound shame 4 the Jallianwala Bagh massacre". Isn't it time too the British said sorry 4 giving away Palestine & rendering Palestinians stateless. https://t.co/yCHNHusoQ2 https://t.co/Ad2Qbq7ZCh

About to join @democracynow to discuss Netanyahu’s promise to annex the #JordanValley. Spoiler Alert: Israel has already de facto annexed the valley & the rest of the West Bank thx to US support & 52 years of Israeli policy. #Apartheid #SettlerColonialism

Victory for Palestine as TUC delegates overwhelmingly pass a long-awaited motion calling for a full-on boycott of apartheid israel #BDS https://t.co/jsR5uyfxVs

Yesterday JVP placed this ad in @thehill to let Congress know that annexation means bulldozing homes and forced relocations for Palestinians. Thank you to everyone who donated, the average gift was $28. This is grassroots response to government inaction. https://t.co/oit47FpGrp

On the other hand, shabbat shalom to the people of Gaza and the West Bank, whose lives and livelihoods have been used as political props this week. May you find peace and rest today.

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